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Corn kernels pretreatment production line shipment to India

Time: 2020-12-03

Another busy day! Today, the 1.5T corn kernels pretreatment production line will be shipped to India, which is suitable for the vegetables quick freezing pretreatment process such as washing, sorting, blanching, pre-cooling, etc. Workers put the equipment on pallets in advance, and then use professional crane equipment to move the equipment, which is fast and convenient. GUANFENG has been providing customers with the best quality service.






       Designed through absorbing main advantages of same products at home and abroad, the pretreatment production line can adjust blanching time and temperature of vegetables as well as conveying speed so as to achieve an optimal treatment effect of various vegetables. Featured by stable operation, reliable performance, economic energy consumption, small land area, simple use and convenient maintenance the equipment can be both operated singly and used in combination with others. It can be freely placed and provided with other auxiliary devices such as cutting tools to fully meet the production demands of garden bean, asparagus, sweet corn, strawberry, cherry, mushroom and other fruit and vegetable products.

       In the end, thanks for your trust and supportWe will serve each customer with our sincere attitude and professional technology. GUANFENG will be your most trustworthy partner.