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Raisin, cherry processing production line shipment to Uzbekistan

Time: 2021-01-21

What a busy dayToday, the shipment is for the raisin and cherry processing production line to Uzi, a total of 8 cabinets. The workers fix the equipment on the iron pallets in advance, which can effectively prevent the equipment from moving during transportation, and it is also convenient and fast enough to move the equipment to the cabinet. GUANFENG has been providing customers with the best quality service.






Our company is a high-tech enterprise, integrating research and development with manufacture and sales into one. It is an innovative industrial manufacture enterprise which is built by a management and technical team with more than 30 years of professional experience in food machinery area. We are committed to research and develop, design, manufacture and installation on food processing machinery and proposals for food processing projects. For all kinds of production line research and development, design, manufacturing, for exampleSeafood processing production linePotato chips and chips production line, Canned fruit production line, Sweet corn production line, Fruit and vegetable processing production line, etc, our company is in the leading level at home and abroad, product performance and quality enjoy a high reputation.


Finally, thank you for your trust and support! Our company will be sincere attitude, professional technology to serve customers. I believe that GUANFENG will be your most trustworthy partner.