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Vegetable Drying Machine (Operation, Principle)

Time: 2019-07-03

Vegetable Drying Machine has simple operation principle, simple operation method, convenient maintenance, and durability. Vegetable Drying Machine has enabled the development of rural agricultural production levels and enhanced production efficiency.

1.The basic principle is to use suitable temperature and hot air to promote the outward diffusion of water inside the fruit and vegetable to achieve the purpose of dehydration. The hot air provided is pure hot air, the drying box is at least five layers, the cycle is reversed, and the layer is dried layer by layer. The fifth layer is a relatively dry material, which is gradually wet to the top. The hot material is in contact with the hot material, and the wet material is in contact with the hot and humid air to avoid direct contact with the hot air.

2. In the process of use, the operation method is simple. The traditional roasting tobacco room uses coal as fuel. The temperature of the room is controlled by people's experience. When the coal quality, moisture and environmental temperature change, the temperature of the room is often not accurately grasped. The scorching burns not only makes the high-grade tobacco leaves low-grade, but even ranks as waste, which also adversely affects tobacco companies to purchase tobacco. The hot air temperature of the fruit and vegetable dryer is provided according to the demand of the article with the temperature range between 50°C and 160°C. Under the single operation, the feeding and discharging materials and the material are flipped. The manual operation is flexible and convenient, and the level of tobacco leaves can be guaranteed. Minimize the economic losses of tobacco farmers. Very suitable for small-scale individual production in rural areas;

3. Due to the simple structure and unique materials, Vegetable Drying Machine has the characteristics of convenient maintenance, safety and durability. The equipment is designed separately. The combustion chamber is separated from the vertical multi-layer drying box. The drying layer is made of new stainless steel material. It is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The drying box has no pollution and impurities. Therefore, there will be no safety accident fire such as collapse, fire, etc.