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3 Faktor van IQF Freezing Technology

Tyd: 2019-06-27

First, the effect of cooling medium temperature. Under the process conditions of IQF Freezing Machine , the lower the temperature of the cooling medium, the faster the product freezes under the same conditions. At present, according to the specific situation in China, most of the ammonia is used as a refrigerant, and the evaporation temperature is generally selected between -35 and -45 °C. Under the IQF process, if a forced air continuous freeze is used, the temperature of the cooling medium is also related to the frosting speed of the evaporator. That is, when the evaporating frost layer reaches a certain thickness, the temperature of the cooling medium is correspondingly increased due to a decrease in the heat transfer effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the frozen, it should be done in time to defrost.

Second, the effect of air flow rate

In die IQF-vriesproses is die lugvloeitempo die belangrikste faktor wat die waarde van die eksotermiese koëffisiënt beïnvloed. Daarom kan 'n gepaste toename in die lugvloeitempo die vriespunt verhoog. Die gewone groenbone vries byvoorbeeld in die statiese lug van -30 ° C, wat ongeveer 2 uur duur. By dieselfde temperatuur verhoog die lugvloeitempo tot 4.5-5 m / s en die vriestyd is slegs 10 minute.

Onder sekere omstandighede is die verandering tussen die vriesspoed en die lugvloeitempo nie lineêr nie, dus moet die lugvloeitempo volledig vanuit 'n ekonomiese oogpunt bepaal word.

Third, the effect of freezing termination temperature

The freezing termination temperature is lower than the storage temperature (-18 ° C), which is beneficial to maintain the structure under rapid freezing. If the freezing termination temperature is higher than -18 °C, the unfrozen water inside the vegetable tissue will generate large ice crystals, which will result in the destruction of the tissue structure and the increase of juice loss during thawing, which will affect the nutritional value and flavor of the product. If you are interested in learning more about freezing IQF, please click gf-machine