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Verskeie V&A van Freeze Dry Machine II

Tyd: 2019-07-29

Can We mix Foods in Vriesdroogmasjien ?

Yes, but watch placement. The website claims that flavors don’t mix, but we have found that they do. We ended up with freeze dried kiwis with a hint of green beans. Advice from the Freeze Dry Machine groups suggests placing stronger flavored items on the upper shelves, milder items on the lower shelves.

As always, proper food safety rules should be observed. Avoid cross contamination, dry thoroughly, and package promptly.

How do I know the food is done freeze drying?

The freeze dryer senses the moisture content of the food and finishes the cycle automatically, but sometimes it’s a little off and you need to add extra time.

When you first remove food from the Freeze Dry Machine, it will be a little cool from the ice buildup inside the chamber, but not “cold”. I always break open some larger pieces and check inside for cold spots. If you find cold spots, put the trays back in and add time to the drying cycle. Your freeze dryer will prompt you to check for dryness.

How do I store the freeze dried food?

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Once the freeze dry cycle is complete, you must package the food in containers that moisture and oxygen proof, such as Mylar, mason jars or cans. Adding an oxygen absorber helps to ensure freshness.

Meat with any amount of fat will go rancid in a matter of weeks if not properly sealed in an airtight container with oxygen absorber. Putting it in a mason jar and screwing on the lid won’t cut it.

We use Mylar bags for most of our long term storage because they are light and durable. You can reuse Mylar, but of course the bag will be slightly smaller. Mylar is great for camping and travel.