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الوقت: 2023-04-20

حقائق التغذية

Because freeze-drying is carried out in a low temperature vacuum state, the loss of volatile components and heat-denatured nutrients and aromatic components in the substance is small, easy to oxidize substances are also protected, and almost all the taste and nutrients of fresh food can be retained.


Freeze-drying uses sublimation to remove moisture in the material, so the volume and shape of the freeze-dried food are basically unchanged, spongy-like, without dry shrinkage. In the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes can hardly be carried out, so as to best maintain the original properties of substances.

Strong rehydration

Freeze-dried food has a dry spongy porous structure, and the contact surface with water is large, which can be quickly restored to the original shape and almost fresh delicious.

Convenient storage, long shelf life

Freeze-drying can remove 95% to 99% of the water in the material, dehydration is thorough, light weight, easy to store and transport, and can achieve a long shelf life at room temperature without preservatives.

Examples of freeze-dried products

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