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Liyofilizasiya Avadanlığının Qurutma Qutusu

Saat: 2019-07-05

The drying oven is one of the important components in the Lyophilization Equipment, and its performance directly affects the performance of the entire Lyophilization Equipment. The freeze-drying box of Lyophilization Equipment is a rectangular or drum type, which can be cooled to about -40C. It can be heated to a vacuum-sealed high and low temperature box body of about +50C.

The bottom of the cabinet is slightly inclined to the rear, and the drain is designed at the lowest point to facilitate drainage.

The freeze-drying of the product is carried out in a dry box, in which there is mainly a shelf on which the product is placed.

The shelves are made of stainless steel with media ducts distributed inside to cool or heat the product.

The laminar components are installed in the freeze-drying box through the bracket, and are driven by the hydraulic piston rod to move up and down, which is convenient for feeding and discharging and cleaning.

The uppermost layer is a temperature-compensated stiffener that ensures the same thermal environment for all products in the box.

The freeze-drying box of Lyophilization Equipment can be installed with the wall of the sterile room. The door is sealed with a special shape silicone rubber strip to seal the door to the same finish as the inside of the freeze-drying box. The material of the door is also made of high-quality stainless steel. It has the same smoothness and flatness as the inside of the freeze-drying box. It can be closely attached to the sealing strip to ensure the sealing under vacuum. The opening angle of the box door of the freeze-drying box is >110 degrees, and the observation window is installed in the center of the door to facilitate the observation of the state of the product in the sterile room.

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