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Dondurulmuş Quru Maşın VS Adsorbsiyalı Quru Maşın II

Saat: 2019-05-24

As is mentioned in the previous article(Dondurulmuş Quru Maşın VS Adsorption Dry Machine I), The dryer vaporizes the moisture in the material by heating to obtain a solid material having a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is to meet the needs of material use or further processing. In modern enterprises, the use of compressed air is becoming more and more common. Common compressed air dryers mainly include adsorption dryers and refrigerating dryers. Addition to three points in previous news, other points are as follows.

4, the difference in gas loss

Because the Freeze Dry Machine achieves the purpose of water removal by changing the temperature, the water is discharged out of the machine through the automatic drainer, so there is no loss of gas volume. The dryer is required to regenerate after the desiccant is saturated with water, so it needs about 12-15% of regeneration gas loss.

5, the difference in failure rate

Because the refrigerant system and the air system of the Freeze Dry Machine are relatively complicated, and the dryer only has the possibility of malfunction due to frequent movements, the failure rate of the dryer is usually lower than that of the dryer. .

In general, the dryer is superior to the dryer in terms of stability and effect, just because it is necessary to lose a certain amount of regeneration gas, where we generally want customers to weigh the pros and cons to make a choice. However, more and more manufacturers have chosen the dryer, and it should be said that this is gradually becoming a trend.

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