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Dondurulmuş Quru Maşın Vakum Nasosunun Bir neçə Nöqtəsi

Saat: 2019-09-04

1.When the port sediment is removed, the force is not too strong to prevent damage to the cooling pipe wall;

2.Before opening the vacuum pump and the small butterfly valve, if the whole box is vacuumed, please pay attention to the box door and the valve are closed. If only the back box is vacuumed, pay attention to the front box door opening degree is greater than 90 degrees, and pay attention to the personnel. Safety;

3.Before the vacuum pump starts to vacuum the tank, make sure that the rear tank is dry. If there is water vapor, make the condenser temperature lower than -45 °C;

4.Generally speaking, when the drug enters the vacuum pump during the sublimation of the drug, it will have a great influence on the rotary oil of the pump oil and the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump has water or pollution, it will cause damage to the pump;

5.The replacement of the refrigerating oil must be consistent with the type of refrigerating oil of the original system. The mixing of the refrigerating oil may result in poor lubrication of the vacuum pump or deterioration of the oil;

6.Immediately after starting the vacuum pump of freeze dry machine, check the lubrication of the vacuum pump and the oil level of the oil mirror. If the oil level is lower than the normal range (1/3 of the mirror), the oil should be replenished immediately;

7.It is recommended to replace the filter together when doing disassembly cleaning (small maintenance);

8.In order to ensure the pump wear and reduce the performance of the pump due to the performance degradation of the pump oil due to long-term operation, it is recommended to replace the oil after the pump has accumulated more than 3000 hours per operation (regardless of the color of the pump oil);

9.For the new pump of freeze dry machine, the first oil change time does not exceed 500 hours because the pump is in the mechanical run-in period.

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