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Аўтаматычная тэхналагічная лінія для падрыхтоўкі кукурузных пачаткаў пад высокім ціскам

Час: 2020-10-09

Today another set of equipment of GUANFENG was shipped smoothly. The equipment of  automatic high pressure cooking processing line will be delivered to Xinjiang, China, and put into running. GUANFENG corn cob automatic high pressure cooking processing line is with high automation, stable performance and good quality.

GUANFENG is committed to research and develop, design, manufacture and installation on food processing machinery and proposals for food processing projects. Leading technology and quality assurance is always our purpose. GUANFENG has a perfect after-sales service system. While the quality of equipment is guaranteed, GUANFENG also provides clients with a one-year warranty period.

Thanks so much for client"s trust and support as always, giving us the courage and confidence to forge ahead! GUANFENG will continue to close the partnership with clients, and develop with clients side by side.

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