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Праект сублімацыйнай сушкі трапічных садавіны адпраўлены ў Юньнань

Час: 2021-03-26

     Яшчэ адзін напружаны дзень! Today we are going to ship the tropical fruit freeze-drying project to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan---2 sets GFD-25 vacuum freeze dryer. The workers are very professional. They measure the size of the equipment in advance, and then design the placement of the equipment according to the size of the cabinet, so that they can load the goods efficiently. GUANFENG прадастаўляе кліентам самае лепшае абслугоўванне.





The tropical fruit freeze-drying project is a processed food project independently developed by our company. This project is located in Yunnan Province, which adapts measures to local conditions and makes good use of the local resource of abundant fruits, which can effectively reduce transportation costs. Our company is a collection of research and development, production, sales in one of the national high-tech enterprises, the company is always committed to food processing equipment and food processing production line overall plan of research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and installation. Vacuum freeze dryer is our core technical equipment, therefore, we try to develop fruit freeze-drying project firstly. In the future, we will continue to actively expand development channels and integrate food processing equipment and food sales into one to promote continuous development of the enterprise.


Нарэшце, дзякуй за ваш давер і падтрымку! Наша кампанія будзе шчыра адносіны, прафесійныя тэхналогіі для абслугоўвання кліентаў. Я лічу, што GUANFENG стане вашым самым надзейным партнёрам.