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Вытворцы харчовых машын Guanfeng падзяляюць меры засцярогі для ліній ачысткі гародніны

Час: 2019-03-28

Guanfeng Food Machinery   manufacturers share the long-term use of the vegetable cleaning line:

1. The operator should check the pipeline system for leaks and leaks before use. If it should be solved in time, establish the equipment operation and maintenance log.

2. Test the equipment before running, let the equipment run for 2-3 minutes, check whether the movement of the transmission system and the conveyor belt is stable.

3. Open the oil slick removal device. Therefore, the water pump is still open, the water surface is calm, and the oil discharge effect is good. After the oil slick is basically removed, the oil removal is stopped, and the oil drain is mostly used for rest time.

4. Place the vegetables and other materials to be processed neatly on the conveyor belt, and do not press on the rollers. Be careful when handling.

5. The operator should maintain our vegetable cleaning line.