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Blast freezer Manufacturer Analyzes The Preservation Effect Of Food Freezing Technology

Time: 2019-03-04

Nowadays, through professional cold chain logistics and distribution, many foreign fresh-keeping, fruit, and nutritious vegetables can also achieve ultra-low temperature and quick-freezing distribution and can be tasted without going to the place of origin. Cold chain logistics has become a necessary means to improve the quality of live fresh products, reduce nutrient loss and ensure food safety. So what are the following  Blast freezer  manufacturers to analyze the preservation effect of food freezing technology?


The ultra-low temperature quick freezing library is cooled by a 220V/380V compressor. The machine has energy-saving energy, high degree of automation, small volume, stable and reliable performance, small ice crystal, no loss, no loss of moisture, no reduction in quality, maintaining original freshness; no damage to the cell wall, no loss of tissue fluid, keeping the original flavor of seafood The advantages of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables.


In the process of food freezing, the size and distribution of ice crystals in food tissues have a great impact on food quality. During the slow freezing process, the extracellular moisture first crystallizes, causing the concentration of the extracellular solution to increase, and the water inside the cells continuously penetrates outside the cell and continues to solidify.


Finally, larger ice crystals are formed in the extracellular space. The cells are deformed or broken by ice crystals, destroying the structure of the food, and the juice loss after thawing is large, and the original appearance and freshness of the food cannot be maintained, and the quality is obviously reduced. Therefore, if the food can be quickly frozen, and the large ice crystal area is passed for a short time, a uniform distribution of fine crystals is formed in the food tissue, and the degree of damage to the structure is greatly reduced, and the food after thawing can basically maintain the original color and fragrance. ,taste.