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Proizvođač brzog zamrzivača uvodi razmatranja za izgradnju dizajnerske hladnjače za meso

Time: 2019-03-26

Before the meat food is put into the cold storage, it needs to be pre-cooled, temperature control is also needed, and the humidity should be controlled. Therefore, in the process of cold storage construction, the details of these details should also be considered. Ok, so that the effects of the meat cold storage can be demonstrated, and the Blast freezer manufacturer can be used to find out how to introduce the cold storage construction.

Pre-cooling: After long-distance transportation, meat products should be pre-cooled before they are placed in cold storage. After the cold, the stored food can be quickly lowered in temperature, so that the life of the stored food can be saved. It has been greatly extended, and the pre-cooling is generally carried out between cold storage and pre-cooling. There are many ways to pre-cool the natural air cooling or vacuum cooling, and these details often affect the construction of the cold storage. Construction of a design meat cold storage

Temperature variation range: During the construction of the cold storage, it should be understood that the temperature range of the cold storage cannot be fixed at only one temperature forever. Because the performance of the refrigerator and the size of the cold storage will definitely lead to cold storage. The temperature changes accordingly. Xueyi Refrigeration recommends that the temperature should be set lower during the food storage process, and the smaller the temperature change range, the better the food preservation will be, and the food will be extended. Save time and increase economic returns accordingly.

Humidity control: The evaporator in the cold storage itself has the function of heat absorption, which may cause frost on the surface of the cold storage. At this time, the humidity in the cold storage is much lower than the humidity requirement of the food. We should increase the area used by the evaporator so that the frosting phenomenon can be quickly reduced, which is what we need to master during the construction of the cold storage.

When warehousing: When the warehousing, the food should be stacked regularly, and it should not be piled up indiscriminately. Otherwise, the quality of the item may be affected. If the item has been lost, it should not be put into the cold storage. Otherwise, it will affect other normal items.