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Mašina za sušenje smrzavanjem VS mašina za sušenje adsorpcije

Time: 2019-05-20

The dryer vaporizes the moisture in the material by heating to obtain a solid material having a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is to meet the needs of material use or further processing. In modern enterprises, the use of compressed air is becoming more and more common. Common compressed air dryers mainly include adsorption dry machine and freeze dry nachine. What is the difference between a freeze dry nachine and an adsorption dry machine?

1, the difference in working principle

According to the principle of freezing and dehumidification, the freeze dry machine cools the saturated compressed air from the upstream to a certain dew point temperature by heat exchange with the refrigerant, and condenses a large amount of liquid water, which is separated by the gas-liquid separator and automatically discharged outside the machine to the purpose of water drying. The Adsorption Dry Machine is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, and the saturated compressed air from the upstream is contacted with the desiccant under a certain pressure, and most of the water is adsorbed in the desiccant, and the dry air enters the downstream work to achieve the purpose of deep drying.

2, the difference in water removal effect

Because the Freeze Dry Machine is subject to its principle, if the temperature is too low, it will freeze, so its dew point is usually 2~10 °C. While the Adsorption Dry Machine does not have to pass the temperature change, and the desiccant (alumina) can be further dried. Therefore, the dew point of the outlet can usually reach below -20 ° C, which means deep drying can be achieved.

3, the difference in energy loss

For the Freeze Dry Machine , the cooling power is achieved by the compression of the refrigerant, so the power of the power supply will be high. Since the Adsorption Dry Machineonly controls the valve by the electric control box, the electric power is usually only about several tens of watts, that is, there is no power loss.