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How To Completely Solve The Ice Block Problem Of Lyophilization Equipment

Time: 2019-03-22

Lyophilization equipment are more common to various industries . If there is ice blockage in the freeze dryer , the cool effect will not be achieved . Let's analyze this problem below :


1 . When the air pressure is pressed , the pressure is brought in . The air contains moisture , but the moisture contained in the humidity is not the same . If the temperature in the cabinet and the temperature of the evaporator is relatively high and dry , the moisture in the compressed air is not easily condensed into watering droplet's , and the water vapor is discharged into the system along with the airflow when evacuated . If the temperature of the cabinet is very low , that is , the temperature of the evaporator is very low , the water brought in by the pressure will form water droplet's or form frost in the evaporator pipes to adhere to the pipe . Such frost is not excreted when it is evacuated . Only remove all the ice in the refrigerator , and then use the baking method to raise the temperature of the evaporator , so that the water droplet's in the tube , the frost is vaporized and then evacuated and discharged . It can also be treated by adding snow and then evacuating .


2 . Because the evaporator has a leak point , the water is sucked from the leak point when the refrigeration compressor is working , and there is still moisture in the pipeline after the evaporator is repaired . Cooperate with the addition of refrigerant , warm and bake the evacuation treatment .


3 . Because the evaporator has a leak point , when the refrigeration compressor is working , water is sucked from the leak point . These waters droplet's is sucked into the refrigeration compressor because the water is heavier than the oil , and the water drops is frozen at the bottom of the refrigeration compressor . It is difficult to evaporate all of a sudden , which is an important reason for the stubborn stubborn ice block . The s查看站点olution is to let the refrigeration compressor run hot , so that the temperature of the refrigeration oil rises , and the water gradually precipitates out in the rotating oil of the rotor and the temperature rise , continuously pumping out , adding a snow test machine , if there is ice blockage Repeat the above procedure until the ice block is removed .


With the freeze-drying technology , the drug can be largely prevented from producing the advantage of denaturation or loss of biological vitality . It is believed that in the future , vacuum freeze-drying technology will be further developed , and the application field of freeze dryer will be continuously expanded . The freeze dryer will also continuously meet the needs of various medicines , bio-health products , freeze-dried foods and solid micro-powder preparation .