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Problemi i rješenje IQF zamrzavanja

Time: 2019-08-24

1.Commodity surface is easy to frost

The most annoying thing when using a quick-freezer is the frosting problem. There should be a lot of people who want to freeze the meat, fresh fish and vegetables in their hands, and then review whether they want to buy a quick-freezer.

However, if a food containing water such as meat, fish, or vegetables is subjected to IQF freezing treatment using a general quick-freezing machine, the moisture of the food may be volatilized during freezing, resulting in drying of the food.

If the food containing moisture before freezing becomes dry during IQF freezing, the water vapor in the air adheres to the frozen food, which causes frost on the surface of the food.

When the frosted food is thawed, it may be due to the melting of the frost. If the food itself does not match the water, it may also affect the quality of the food.

2.Frozen formation

When frozen with IQF freezing, the food needs to be subdivided and frozen, so the surface area subjected to freezing will become larger. Therefore, it is easy to form a phenomenon of freezing.

The term "freezing" refers to the phenomenon that the water inside the food is volatilized and the oil is acidified.

Freezing will reduce the freshness of the food and affect the flavor and taste of the food. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the freezing treatment.

Two disadvantages to be aware of when IQF freezing is frozen are addressed by vacuum packaging the food.

Simply vacuuming the food will prevent the formation of frost in the air and inhibit the acidification of the food.

When actually introducing IQF freezing technology, it is recommended that you consider the need for vacuum packaging in accordance with the type of frozen food, quality requirements, and storage conditions.