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Princip rada (vakuumska mašina za sušenje zamrzavanjem)

Time: 2019-07-17

Freeze-dried strawberries and freeze-dried durians are all delicious snacks. Do you know that these snacks are made by Vacuum Zamrznite suvu mašinu ? The mechanism of freeze drying of vacuum freeze dryer is to freeze the material to be dried to below its eutectic point, which makes the moisture in the material turn into solid ice, and then the ice is directly sublimated into water vapor by heating under a suitable vacuum environment to obtain a dried product. Today we will learn about the working principle of the Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine and the classification of Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine.

Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine puts the material into the material box to carry out the freezing process of the frozen material. On the one hand, the vacuum system performs vacuuming to take away part of the water; on the other hand, when the material is frozen, the water content in some molecules is discharged. After the surface of the material is frozen, after the freezing requirement is reached, the material is heated and dried by the heating system, and the water contained in the material is brought to the freezing trap box by vacuuming to achieve the freezing and drying requirements of the material.

Freeze Dry of Freeze Dry Machine refers to the process of removing moisture or other solvents from frozen biological products by sublimation. Sublimation refers to the process of solvents, such as water, like dry ice, which change from a solid to a gaseous state without going through a liquid state.

Traditional drying can cause the material to shrink and damage the cells. The structure of the sample is not destroyed during the freeze drying process because the solid component is supported by the firm ice at its location. When the ice sublimes, it leaves pores in the dry remaining material, which preserves the biological and chemical structure of the product and the integrity of its activity. In the laboratory, Freeze Drying has many different use which is indispensable in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. It is used to obtain biological materials that can be preserved for long periods of time, such as microbial culture, enzymes, blood, and medicines.

In addition to the stability of long-term preservation, its inherent biological activity and structure are retained.