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Vacuum Freeze Dryer Shipment to India

Ώρα: 2020-11-26

      What a busy day! The product to be shipped today is the GFD-100 vacuum freeze στεγνωτήριο to India. This project is used for freeze-drying processing of fruits and vegetable. Αυτός ο διαλογισμός στα is same as the vacuum freeze dryer shipped last week, two cabinets need to be installed, one flat cabinet for the tank body, and one high cabinet for the remaining parts. Workers attach three ropes to each side of the tank to prevent it from shifting during transport. ΓΚΟΥΑΝΦΕΝΓΚ παρέχει στους πελάτες την καλύτερη ποιότητα υπηρεσιών.






      Vacuum freeze dryer is our core product, and our GFD Series vacuum freeze dryer mainly includes: material quick freezing system, vacuum tank system, heating system, vacuum system, refrigeration system, material transfer system, electric control system, pneumatic system, disinfection system. We develop an automatic control system with 10 period of time controlling, which is specialized for τροφή lyophilization. It makes curve parameter setting more easily and convenient, high reliability, good accuracy. The system has the function of historical data storage and query, which is convenient for production process analysis. Therefore, our vacuum freeze dryer is ανταγωνιστική in the domestic and foreign markets.

      In the end, tδέσμη νήματοςs for your trust and support!We will serve each customer with our sincere attitude and professional technology. GUANFENG will be your most trustworthy partner.