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Principales caractéristiques de la machine à sécher les légumes

Durée: 2019-05-28

La plus grande caractéristique de Séchoir à légumes is that the color and quality of products after drying does not change. Some experts said that a large number of vegetables are on the market during the harvest season, and many local markets are oversupplied. Fresh vegetables have high water content, strong postpartum respiratory metabolism, and extremely perishable characteristics, which bring considerable difficulties to the storage, transportation and circulation of agricultural products. Therefore, in order to reduce the huge losses of vegetables after the birth, in addition to extensive use of pre-cooling, preservation methods, etc., dried vegetables is also an effective way to regulate supply and demand, digest seasonal surplus, reduce post-natal decay losses, and it is also an effective supplement for fresh vegetables; The drying of vegetables can effectively increase the added value of products as an effective way to increase farmers' income and promote local economic development.

Zones rurales de culture du tabac séché à l'air chaud en Chine, les producteurs de tabac sont des ménages unifamiliaux pour construire des maisons de torréfaction de tabac pour sécher leurs propres feuilles de tabac récoltées. Pour un grand nombre de familles de tabac flue cured, la qualité et la couleur des feuilles de tabac ne doivent pas être sous-estimées. Par conséquent, l'application des producteurs de tabac à la machine à sécher les légumes est d'une grande importance pratique. L'émergence et l'application de la machine de séchage des légumes ont réduit les énormes pertes des producteurs de tabac après la production, et les caractéristiques de non-décoloration et de qualité sont devenues le plus grand avantage des séchoirs à fruits et légumes.

In a word, because the fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine has national policy support, with low cost, high efficiency, simple operation, and complete functions, the application in rural areas is becoming more and more popular. The application of vegetable dryers has essentially developed the production level of rural agriculture, liberated and improved the productivity of local rural areas, and greatly guaranteed production efficiency. Vegetable Drying Machine is increasingly becoming the new choice for rural vegetable drying.