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समय: 2020-10-15

  Ushered in a new and busy day, today workers are busy loading goods, preparing to send the GFD-25 vacuum freeze dryer to Russia. The project is mainly used for leisure freeze-dried products of common fruits such as strawberries. All parts of the vacuum freeze dryer will be reinforced before shipment to avoid damage to the equipment during cargo transportation. Guanfeng has always provided the best service to customers.

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  The vacuum freeze dryer has strong competitiveness and high technical requirements. Guanfeng has an experienced team of professional engineers. Engineers can provide design schemes according to customers' specific processing requirements and actual plant area. The vacuum freeze dryer is composed of the following parts: vacuum system, food pre-freezing system, hanging rail system, cold trap and defrosting, heating system, control system. The perfect combination makes the equipment stable and continuous operation. The quality of the finished product is very good, retaining the original nutrients of the material.

  There are several good features of vacuum freeze dryer below:

    1. Best way to preserve the nutrients, color, aroma and taste.

    2. Keep the skeleton structure of the original food.

    3. Good water performance, closer to fresh food quality.

    4. Without problem of surface hardening comparing with normal drying method.

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In the end, thanks for all the trust and support! Production is still in busy going. More equipments are await to show. GUANFENG will always be your best choice!