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समय: 2020-10-29

A busy and orderly day!Today, workers will load four cabinets, which is GFD-100 vacuum freeze dryer to be sent to Uzbekistan. Workers orderly loading, the clerk took photos to retain, we do our duty, do the shipment work. GUANFENG provides you with the best products and services.

चित्र 1

चित्र 2

चित्र 3चित्र 3

चित्र 4

Gउआनफेंग vacuum freeze dryer has a strong competitiveness in the market, because we have a patent freeze-drying technology and experienced professional engineer team, to provide customers with good technical support. We develop an स्वचालित नियंत्रण प्रणाली with 10 period of time controlling, which is specialized for गीत-संगीत. It makes curve parameter setting more easily and convenient, high reliability, good accuracy. The system has the function of historical data storage and query, which is convenient for production process analysis.


        अंततः, thank you for your trust and support! Busy production is still in tension, many projects are waiting for shipment. We will continue to show different projects in the future, Gउआनफेंग will always be your most reliable partner!