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זמן: 2023-03-29

    Recently, two 10 T/h corn cob freezing lines are busy in production, mainly including: corn cob cleaning machine, fully automatic corn cob cooking machine, spray precooling machine, cold air precooling machine and freezing equipment. The quick-freezing equipment is composed of mesh belt transmission system, mesh belt vibration chain device, air supply system, high efficiency aluminum alloy evaporator, combined insulation warehouse body, mesh belt cleaning and drying device, quick-freezing machine frame, automatic electric control cabinet and other parts. The materials used in food machinery produced by GUANFENG meet the requirements of food hygiene, mainly using 304 stainless steel and high quality nylon profiles, aviation cast aluminum integral impeller, etc., the overall solid and beautiful equipment, long service life, favored by customers.



הקפאה מהירה



Quick-freezing refers to the use of modern freezing technology in the shortest possible time to reduce the temperature of food to a certain temperature below the freezing point, to minimize the microbial life activities in food, prevent food nutrition changes, is the most common way to preserve food.  GUANFENG's quick-freezing equipment has won the trust of many countries and customers with its high-end quality and reasonable price.

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