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מכונת ייבוש בהקפאה עסוקה בייצור

זמן: 2023-03-06

What a busy עונה! We are producing freeze-drying machine for customers at home and abroad. Professional production workers dare not have a trace of slack, becauseGUANFENG has been committed to providing high-quality machines and services, leading technology and quality assurance is our purpose.

Freeze drying -- also known as lyophilization -- is commonly used to produce freeze-dried fruit products to make them easier to store and transport. Freeze drying works by freezing the material and then removing the water in the material by sublimation in a vacuum. Because of this, the properties and nutritional composition of freeze-dried products are basically unchanged. Compared with dried products, freeze-dried products are more similar to fresh fruits after rehydration, which is favored by the majority of consumers.

In the end, thanks for your trust and support! Production is still going on in our factory, and in the future we will continue to show different food machinery projects for you, GUANFENG will always be your most reliable partner, also is your best choice.