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ពេលវេលា: 2020-11-05

រវល់​អី!The shipment today is the GFD-25 vacuum freeze dryer and Fruit and vegetable processing equipment សម្រាប់ហ្គាតេម៉ាឡា។ In the course of shipment, many experienced workers need to work together, orderly loading, in order to complete the shipment as soon as possible, because our company's production of almost all relatively large equipments. GUANFENG has been providing customers with the best quality service.

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This vacuum freeze dryer project is mainly used to produce freeze-dried fruit products. Vacuum freeze drying is dehydration process in low temperature, which will not damage protein, while it will make the microorganism losing vitality, so it makes little loss of nutrients and aroma in fruits. Therefore, compared with dried fruit products, freeze-dried fruit has more similar nutrition and aroma to fresh fruit. The vacuum freeze dryer of ក្វាន់ហ្វេង is the best choice for customers.

In ចប់, សូមអរគុណs for your trust and support! Production is still going on in our factory, និង in the future we will continue to show different food machinery projects សម្រាប់​អ្នក, Gអ៊ុនហ្វេង will always be your most reliable partner, ផងដែរ គឺជាជំរើសល្អបំផុតរបស់អ្នក។