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Belt Drying Line shipment to Uzbekistan

Laiks: 2023-08-17

Belt Dzvana Line Shiping to Uzbekistan

Recently, a Belt Drying Line has just been shipped to Uzbekistan in 5 komplekti40’HQ containers. With GUANFENG workers’ careful and professional work, the equipment are perfectly loaded despite the hot weather. The drying line will be used for vegetables processing,kas būsatšķirasd from seasons. And we guarantee that the customer will get ideal result with GUANFENG’s machines.

GUANFENG"s Belt Dryer is with high technologywhich has been innovating and upgrading by our experienced engineer team.And the customized priekšlikumss can be designedaccording to customer’sīpašs requirements and actual workshop area. With the rich experience and so many machines running around the world, we have absolute confidence on our equipment.

In the end, thanks for all the trust and support! Production is still in busy going. More equipment are await to show. GUANFENG will always be your best choice!