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GLZ modeļa šķidrā IQF saldētava

Laiks: 2023-09-06

Fluidized IQF freezer is a advanced freezing technology that utilizes fluidized beds to quickly freeze individual items, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats. This innovative freezing method ensures uniform and fast freezing of food products while maintaining their quality and nutritional value.

The main parts of the fluidized freezer are: belt conveying system; belt vibrating device; air supply system; high efficiency aluminum alloy evaporator; composite insulation board; belt cleaning and drying device; freezer frame; automatic air defrosting system; electric control cabinet.

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The main advantages of the fluidized IQF freezer include:

1. Rapid Freezing: The fluidized bed promotes rapid heat transfer between the cold particles and the food items, resulting in quick freezing times. This ensures that the food retains its freshness and quality.

2. Uniform Freezing: The uniform distribution of particles in the fluidized bed ensures that the food items are evenly frozen, preventing any temperature gradients and maintaining the quality of the product.

3. High Product Quality: The fluidized IQF freezer produces high-quality frozen products with excellent texture and taste. The rapid freezing process prevents ice crystals from forming, resulting in less cell damage and better taste after thawing.

4. Flexibility: The fluidized IQF freezer can be easily adjusted to different freezing requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of food products.

5. Efficient Operation: The fluidized bed system operates at high temperatures, resulting in efficient energy utilization and reduced operating costs.

The fluidized IQF freezer is widely used in the food processing industry for freezing fruits, vegetables, meats, and other individual items. It is an excellent choice for food manufacturers looking to improve their freezing processes, increase product quality, and reduce operating costs.

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