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Vairāki jautājumi un atbildes par saldēšanas žāvēšanas mašīnu

Laiks: 2019-07-27

Saldēšanas žāvēšanas mašīna Darbs

Here’s the official definition of freeze drying (Lyophilization) of Freeze Dry Machine

from the FDA:

So, how do we do that at home?

First, you get a heavy duty Freeze Dry Machine (the Harvest Right units drop to -30°F (-34°C) or colder).

Second, you pair this up with a completely airtight chamber that can hold a vacuum (no oxygen) every single time you use it.

Third, you tie in a high end vacuum pump strong enough to suck the stripes off a zebra.

Fourth, you add a heater and thermostat, so you can cycle the temps up and down, repeating the sublimation process for hours on end.

Fifth, tie in a humidity sensor to make sure the water is out, triggering the cycle completion.

Kādus pārtikas produktus var sasaldēt sausā veidā?

Fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more. Freeze drying is safe for preserving cooked pasta and grains, unlike canning.

What foods can’t you freeze dry?

Anything that’s mostly fat or mostly sugar will not freeze dry well. Fat won’t dry – but it can heat up and melt in the unit and coat every surface. When I tried pre-cooked pork sausage patties, they made a big mess.

Sugar binds to water, trapping it in the food. This is great for inhibiting bacteria growth, but it means you can’t freeze dry jams and jellies that are mostly sugar. Plain fruit and most desserts are fine.

Cik ilgi notiek žāvēšana liofilizē?

Around 24 hours was the estimated freeze drying time for an average load, but with the new software, I’ve freeze dried loads in as little as 13 hours. Warm, humid conditions increase drying time.

When you load up your home freeze dry machine and hit “Start”, the unit takes you through a short menu. You select whether the food going in is already frozen (or not), and whether it is solid or liquid. Then the Freeze Dry Machine prompts you to close the drain valve and begin the cycle.