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Tongasoa eto ny fampahalalam-baovao foibe hitsidika an'i GUANFENG

Fotoana: 2020-09-17

On September 9th, 2020, Zhejiang GUANFENG Food Machinery Co., Ltd warmly greeted government officials and central news media group to visit and interview to know the enterprise development. Visitors included 11 central news media from Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Financial Times, China Securities Journal, Hong Kong Commercial Daily etc. 

GUANFENG CEO Xu Guofeng briefed the participants company present situation. The main products in company includes Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment(FD), Drying Dehydration Equipment(AD), Quick-Freezing Equipment(IQF), Food Processing Production Line, Cutting Processing Equipment etc. Equipments have been operated to many countries throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, India, Central Asia etc. And all equipments has received good feedback from our customers. The participants field visited the workshop, and know about the production situations. Vacuum freeze drying machine is the most hot-selling product in our company. Vacuum freeze drying machine is with high technology and has a big potential market all over the world. It has a wide application in all kinds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, seafood, chemical product, health product etc. Comparing with normal sun drying, hot air drying, spray drying and vacuum drying etc, there are several outstanding advantages of vacuum freeze drying. Vacuum freeze drying is dehydration process in low temperature, which will not damage protein, and make little loss of nutrition in the material. It can remove 95%~99.5% of the moisture from the material, which brings the final product with long shelf life.

After visiting the workshop, CEO Xu Guofeng answered the question from media and shared the experience in enterprise development on the spot. The company’s development is guided by customer need, and actively develops international market while actively consolidating the domestic market. Thanks very much for the media's attention and visit. Thanks very much for the government's support and help. GUANFENG will keep going and make the enterprise better and better.