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Buy A fruit dryer machine Must Know Something! Don'T Buy It, Then Regret It.

Fotoana: 2019-02-25

In recent years, with the continuous development of the social economy, the living standards of Chinese people have also been continuously improved, and dryers have appeared in everyone's lives in various forms. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the things you must know to buy a  fruit dryer machine  , so you can avoid a lot of trouble in terms of pre-production or post-sales.


First of all, what kinds of dryers do you need to know?

Previously, dryers were divided into household and industrial. Industrial dryers are generally referred to as dryers or drying equipment and can be subdivided into many types. Household dryers are also available. Due to different uses, commercial dryers are generally used by individual merchants or small and micro enterprises for small batch processing of food or other items.


Then, let's take a look at the precautions before buying various dryers.

Industrial dryers mainly include belt, drum, box, tower, and other forms. They are generally used for industrial production in all walks of life. Before purchase, you can inspect the relevant manufacturers on site, and learn more about the relevant cases of the manufacturers and the working principle of the machines. And product advantages.

The use of household dryers in China is not very common, mainly because there is no customary use, and the price is higher, and later electricity consumption is larger. Therefore, before buying, you can find out the relevant brands and models online, and compare them.


In addition, the household dryer also includes a small fruit dryer (air dryer), generally a few hundred dollars or so, e-commerce platform to see more evaluation.

Commercial dryers generally refer to small and medium-sized food dryers, mainly used for the drying of fruits, vegetables, flower tea, and non-staple foods. Most of the purchasers are merchants or business owners. The prices of related equipment on the market vary widely. Sometimes, due to cost considerations, it may be cheap to buy, but the result is either quality problems or the drying effect is not met.


Therefore, when purchasing this type of machine, it should be noted that, if conditions permit, you can express the product to the manufacturer or bring the product to the manufacturer to try it out. You can also know the general situation of the machine, such as baking. Dry time, operating principle, etc., at least ensure that there is no big problem when you buy it, you can't just look at the price, otherwise, even if the price is low, it is a waste. Secondly, due to the small scale of production and low profit, we must pay attention to the power consumption of the machine and calculate the late cost.