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Main parts of Freeze Dry MachineⅠ

Fotoana: 2019-05-09

Compressor of Masinina maina mangatsiaka

Most of sputum compressors used in the dryers are medium-high temperature fully sealed reciprocating compressors, which has compact structure, small size, light weight, low vibration, low noise and high energy efficiency. Since the motor of the hermetic compressor and the main body of the compressor are sealed in a steel casing, the motor is operated in a gaseous environment of the refrigerant, and the cooling condition is good with long service life. A certain amount of lubricating oil is stored in the lower part of the casing, and when the compressor is in operation, the parts are automatically supplied with oil, and it is not necessary to add lubricating oil at ordinary times. In large-scale cold dryers, semi-sealed reciprocators or screw compressors are also used, which has high cooling power and can be adjusted to suit different needs.

Heat Exchange, Evaporator of Freeze Dry Machine

The main function of heat exchange in the dryer is to use the amount of cold carried by the compressed air cooled by the evaporator (for most users, this part of the cold is waste cold) and use this part of the cooling to cool and carry a large amount of higher temperature compressed air of water vapor to reduce the heat load of the refrigeration system of the cold dryer and save energy. On the other hand, the temperature of the low-temperature compressed air in the heat exchanger is increased, so that the outer wall of the exhaust pipe is not dew condensation due to the low temperature.

The evaporator is the main heat exchange component of the dryer. The compressed air is forced to cool in the evaporator. Most of the water vapor is condensed into liquid water and discharged outside the machine, so that the compressed air is dried. What is carried out in the evaporator is the convective heat exchange between the air and the low-pressure vapor of the refrigerant. The low-pressure refrigerant liquid passing through the throttling device is transformed into low-pressure refrigerant vapor in the evaporator, and absorbs the surrounding heat during the phase change. Thereby the compressed air is cooled.

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