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Fotoana: 2019-08-11

Freeze-dried area

The number in the freeze dry machine model represents the freeze-dry area of freeze dry machine. The user should calculate the freeze dry machine to be used according your own needs.

Cold trap temperature

The cold trap is a device for capturing moisture in the freeze-drying process. Theoretically, the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the stronger the water trapping ability of the cold trap, but the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the higher the cooling requirement, the higher the machine cost and the running cost.

The cold trap temperature of the experimental series freeze dry machine mainly has several grades of -45 °C, -60 °C, and -80 °C. Freeze-drying at -45 °C for some freeze-dried products, freeze-drying machine with a cold trap temperature of -60 °C is suitable for lyophilization of most products, freeze-drying at -80 °C suitable for lyophilization of some special products. The effect of cold trap temperature on water-trapping capacity shows that the temperature of the cold trap drops from -35 °C to -55 °C, and the water-trapping capacity is obviously improved. The cold trap temperature is lower than -55 °C, and the water trap capacity of the cold trap is not significantly improved.

Therefore, in the absence of special needs, the choice of cold trap temperature -60 ° C is the ideal choice. The cold trap temperature of the LGJ-10D Freeze Dry Machine in the four-ring freeze dryer is ≤-55 °C, and the freeze dryer temperature of the LGJ-18 series and LGJ-25 series is ≤-60 °C, and the refrigerant is mixed with mixed refrigerant. The technology, in the case of the same refrigeration unit, has a low cooling temperature, a large cooling capacity, a high operational stability, and a low failure rate. The four-ring freeze dryer also includes the LGJ-10 freeze dryer with cold trap temperature ≤ -45 ° C, suitable for lyophilization of some freeze-dried products. The cold trap temperature of LGJ-50C freeze dry machine is ≤-80 °C, which is especially suitable for lyophilization of medicines and special products.