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What Is Fruit Drying Machine

Fotoana: 2019-04-26

Fruit Drying Machine, as the name implies, is a machine for drying fruits, according to the principle of multi-layer utilization of hot air. It makes full use of hot air with high speed drying and dehydrating, suitable for dehydration and drying of a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, dried fruits, vegetables and other flakes, blocks, strips and granular article with efficient operation, low cost, easy operation and complete functions. As a largely agricultural county, Yunnan Xundian is committed to planting and breeding industry accounting for more than 70% of the rural economic income, especially tobacco accounts for the majority. In Tangzi Street, fruit dryers have been widely used in rural flue-cured tobacco in recent years, greatly improving the level of agricultural production and production efficiency, and bringing a good income to many agricultural families.

Traditional intensive coal-fired tobacco-smelting chambers require a dry bulb temperature between 34℃and 68 ℃ and a wet bulb temperature between 33℃ to 42℃. Each grill is equipped with a coal-fired boiler. A large amount of sulfur dioxide was produced during the combustion process. Moreover, improper construction and use of the flue-cured tobacco room may cause the level of flue-cured tobacco to drop, and even the event of damage may occur, which will waste resources and pollute the environment. It is difficult to develop productivity and meet market demand.

Fruit Drying Machine improved this problem with the following advantages: a. clean energy can improve production and living environment; b. Reducing fuel costs improves the baking efficiency so that farmers can directly benefit; c, saving labor can burn 8~12 hours with one feeding; d, intelligent control can realize monitoring and operation at any anytime no matter where you are, which convenient and fast.

Thanks to the government's policy support, Machine fanamainana voankazo has also joined the Huimin Subsidies to meet the needs of China's agricultural and rural production. Because ordinary drying room, hot air drying room, and multi-functional drying kiln are suitable for dry processing of various fruits, it has wide drying range with high efficiency, which can be built on site with low manufacturing cost, low operating cost and low failure rate. It is easy to operate as one of the most suitable drying facilities for rural construction.