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အချိန်: 2020-09-24

What a busy day! The workers are busy loading GFD-100 vacuum freeze dryer for shipment to Uzbekistan. This project is mainly used for freeze-dried leisure food such as apple, cantaloupe, strawberry, apricot and other central Asian fruits. All parts of vacuum freeze dryer will be fasten before shipment. It is in purpose of avoiding the damage of equipment in transit. GUANFENG are always supplying the best service for customers.

Vacuum freeze dryer is the most competitive product. The equipment is with high technology and our company has a professional engineer team with rich experience. Our engineer will make proposal according to customer''s detailed processing requirements and actual workshop area. The vacuum freeze dryer consists of several systems: vacuum system; quick freezing system; hanging rail system; cold trap and defrosting; heating system; vacuum tank system; control system. The perfect combination makes the equipment run stably and continually. The performance of final product is also great with good quality and nutrition.

There are several good features of vacuum freeze dryer below:

1. Best way to preserve the nutrients, color, aroma and taste.

2. Keep the skeleton structure of the original food.

3. Good water performance, closer to fresh food quality.

4. Without problem of surface hardening comparing with normal drying method.

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