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အချိန်: 2019-03-09

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have put forward new requirements for the processing of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the development of machine and processing technology of Fruit Processing Machine is of great significance to meet people's living needs.

First, the processing of fruit and vegetable juice: juice technology, high-temperature short-time sterilization technology, aseptic packaging technology, enzyme liquefaction, and clarification technology, membrane technology, etc. have been widely used in production. Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, such as apple juice concentrate and tomato sauce processing equipment are basically advanced equipment imported from abroad. In the processing of direct-drinking juices, large Chinese companies have integrated internationally advanced technology and equipment.

Second, the field of canned fruits and vegetables: low-temperature continuous sterilization technology and continuous de-coating technology have been widely used in acid cans (such as canned oranges); introduced new computer-controlled sterilization technology, such as chestnut small canned products; packaging EVOH The material has been applied to canned production; the inoculation of pure lactic acid bacteria has revolutionized the traditional production process of kimchi and promoted the development of the kimchi industry.