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အချိန်: 2019-03-29

The air circulation system of the hot air circulation oven adopts a fan circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is uniform. The air source is driven by a circulating air supply motor (using a contactless switch) to drive a wind wheel to send out hot air through a heater, and then the hot air is sent to the inner chamber of the oven through an air duct, and the used air is sucked into the air duct to become the air source for recycling and heating. Ensure indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature value swings due to the action of opening and closing the door, the air supply circulation system quickly resumes the operating state until the set temperature value is reached.

Features of Hot Air Circulation Oven:

1. Hot air circulates in the oven with high thermal efficiency and energy conservation.

2. Using forced ventilation, the oven is equipped with air ducts to dry the materials evenly.

3. The oven runs smoothly. Automatic temperature control, convenient installation, and maintenance.

4. It has a wide application range and can dry various materials. It is ideal universal drying equipment.

5. The temperature of air circulation oven:

6. The hot air circulation oven has a wide range of applications. It can dry all kinds of industrial materials. It is general drying equipment. Generally, hot air circulates

7. The temperature range of the ring oven is room temperature ~+250 ℃, and the high-temperature type is room temperature ~+500 ℃.

Fruit dryer machine refers to a series of mechanical equipment that dries moisture or other liquids on the surface of an object through certain technical means. At present, the popular drying technologies are mainly ultraviolet drying, infrared drying, electromagnetic drying, and hot air drying. They have their own characteristics and are widely used in drying various mechanical equipment and food.

Features of fruit dryer machine :

1. With automatic control device, the whole drying process can be completed automatically only by adjusting the time through the control panel.

2, using triangle belt transmission, smooth operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

3. The large opening design facilitates the door to open freely at 180 degrees, making it easier to extract clothes.

4. The drum is made of stainless steel. The drum is beautiful and smooth, durable and has no scratch on fabric.