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သစ်သီးနှင့် ဟင်းသီးဟင်းရွက် အခြောက်ခံစက်၏ အကြံဉာဏ်များစွာ

အချိန်: 2019-06-14

အသီးနှင့် ဟင်းသီးဟင်းရွက်ခြောက်စက်usually refers to equipment that uses hot air to evaporate and remove moisture from the material. Dates, walnuts, persimmons, apricots, grapes, cherries, medlar, plum, material slices, material preserves, Chinese and Western herbs, seeds, seafood, wood, rubber can be dried by Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine which will enhance the potential value of products. The precautions for using Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machines are as follows:

1.If possible, Vegetable Drying Machine can be equipped with a spraying device to make the material reach the effect of hot steaming. The moisture of the material will be discharged from the inside to the outside, and the material after drying will not be deformed or cracked.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine can increase the hot air recovery system, recover the hot air discharged, accelerate the running speed of the airflow in the drying room, and improve the drying speed to improve the utilization of hot air.

3. Drying process can’t be too fast. We should consider characteristics of different materials, different drying curves, uniform heating and flow direction of the wind, so that hot air can flow from the material .

4. Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine can be dried to any required moisture content without limitation of natural conditions;

With more mature drying theory and process technology, Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine can guarantee dry quality; compared with natural drying, it is environmentally friendly and reliable, economical with short period, high production efficiency, small footprint, less complex equipment and long service life.

In the past, the sales of products mainly depended on price competition. Now, with the emphasis on the technical content, sales competition with the products are different. Some Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine have high technical content focusing on the development of new products with high sales volume.