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Freeze Dry Machine ၏ ဖုန်စုပ်စနစ်

အချိန်: 2019-08-28

The vacuum system is one of the important components of the အခြောက်ခံစက်ကို အေးခဲထားပါ။ , and generally includes a rotary vane vacuum pump or a dry pump and a Roots pump to accelerate the vacuum.

The vacuum system is connected to the condenser via a stainless steel line, and a pneumatic butterfly valve is placed near the condenser to separate the condenser from the vacuum system.

The role of the vacuum system is to create a vacuum that creates the environment and conditions for sublimation of the ice. The vacuum level of the vacuum system directly affects the sublimation rate of the product, and the vacuum system requires itself to have a low leakage rate. The accuracy of vacuum control directly affects the operation of the pharmaceutical process.

So, how should the Freeze Dry Machine vacuum system be maintained and maintained on a daily basis? Let's take a look at it!

First, the vacuum pump operation check

Whether the vacuum pump has abnormal vibration, whether there is looseness in each connection part between the vacuum pump and the pump head, and if so, the corresponding fixing measures are adopted;

Pumps with cooling water need to keep the cooling water with sufficient flow and pressure difference, and touch the temperature of the pump body during operation;

It is necessary to check whether the oil level is kept at the normal oil level. If the oil level is lower than the normal oil level, the required vacuum pump oil should be added in time. If the vacuum pump oil is emulsified, it is necessary to open the gas ballast valve for 2 hours. If the air pump oil is discolored, it is recommended to replace it in time. Vacuum pump oil, clean the filter, and replace the filter;

Second, the vacuum pump long-term suspension inspection

If the pump is not used for a period of time, turn off the power and cooling water supply; If the pump is shut down directly after the lyophilization process, moisture may remain in the pump body. If the pump is turned off for a long period of time, these liquids may corrode the mechanical structure of the pump and may cause the pump to fail to start. It is recommended that the pump idle for about half an hour after commissioning.