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دا تجهیزات د SUS304 سټینلیس سټیل څخه جوړ شوي پرته له معیاري برخو لکه موټرو او بریښنایی وسایلو څخه

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د تجهیزاتو ځانګړتیاوې
Big pepper half machine can cut large chilies in half,and easy to core and seed removal,Compared with the traditional manual cutting, the big pepper half machine reduces the labor cost, which can effectively improve the efficiency and reduce the production cost.
Big pepper half machine is mainly composed of entrainment conveying system and half cutting blade,the main function of the entrainment conveying system is to fix the material and provide kinetic energy when cutting half. The half-cutting blade is fixed at the bottom of the entrainment conveying system.
The equipment is made of stainless steel (SUS304), except reducer, conveyor belt and electrical parts,the equipment is durable, stable and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

د تجهیزاتو تولید


It is used for cutting the half with treatment of pepper with fat shape.


Big Pepper Cutting Half Machine

ډډې1174 * 990 * 2800mm
د محصول نمونېGQB-4000
لګول شوی ځواک3.0kw
ولټيج380V، 50Hz
د اوبو مصرفنه
د ګاز مصرفنه
د یخولو اندازهنه
د پروسس ظرفیت3 ~ 4T / h
د تغذیې بڼهPVC rubber belt center width 680mm; frequency control
بریښنایی کنټرولبریښنایی اجزا د ژیجیانګ ژینګټای لخوا کارول کیږي ، او د لیږد انورټر د تایوان ډیلټا دی
د موادو تفصیلدا تجهیزات د SUS304 سټینلیس سټیل څخه جوړ شوي پرته له معیاري برخو لکه موټرو او بریښنایی وسایلو څخه
د وسایلو کارولFor the half-cutting treatment of peppers with larger shape

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