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Taimi: 2019-08-22

Maintenance of food quality

IQF Freezing technology can effectively inhibit the destruction of food cells during freezing, compared to products frozen with slow freezing technology. Thereby preventing the freshness of the food and the loss of nutrients can be realized.

At the same time, the amount of blood after the food is thawed will also decrease, and the difference between the quality after thawing and before freezing will not be large.

Reduction food loss

IQF freezing is the individual freezing of food. For example, when processing seafood, it is not the case that a variety of food such as fish slices or sea shrimps are frozen together. Instead, food such as sliced fish is individually packaged and frozen.

By individually classifying and packaging foods, when the ingredients are needed, it is only necessary to take out the required amount and thaw them. It is not necessary to thaw a whole fish. The rate of loss of food will also be reduced. It is very attractive for the restaurant operators.

Reduce labor costs and manufacturing costs

If you use the IQF freezing technology, the freezing time will be shortened a lot. Therefore, the necessary expenses such as labor costs and manufacturing costs will be reduced.

After the introduction of the IQF refrigeration system, the quality of the food can be maintained and managed for a long time, so that stable food processing and production can be achieved.

Even during the busy period, it is no longer used to ensure the raw materials and so on.

Reduction of logistics costs

As a method of freezing food, some of the foods are water-injected and frozen.

However, in order to ensure the freshness of the product after freezing, the water-injection freezing technique injects water into the product, so usually one-third of the product is water. The cost of water injection itself and the cost of transportation will affect the cost of the product itself.

Unlike water-injection freezing technology, IQF freezing eliminates the need to inject water during freezing, thus saving unnecessary costs.