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Soo-saareyaasha Qalabka Lyophilization waxay wadaagaan sida loo iibsado Kaydinta Qabowga

Waqtiga: 2019-03-25

The food cold storage is a building used for freezing and refrigerating food. It is a method of artificial cooling to keep the inside of the library at a low temperature. In order to reduce the introduction of external heat, a certain thickness of moisture-proof gas barrier and insulation layer are laid on the floor, wall, and roof of the cold storage. In the management of food cold storage, scientific management should be implemented according to the characteristics of the food cold storage to ensure Safe production, to achieve longevity, reduce production costs, save maintenance costs, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Below, Lyophilization equipment manufacturers share how to buy food cold storage how to buy?

1. Technical standards for cold storage procurement. The technical standards of the cold storage include the temperature and humidity maintained by the general food cold storage, -18 ° C or lower, fluctuations in temperature, and the thermal insulation of the cold storage. Cold storage into the shipping platform and parking lot. Elevator and stacking machinery.

2. Refrigeration unit purchase. The condenser and other accessories together with the cold storage compressor are called the refrigeration unit, and the refrigeration unit has the water cooling unit and the air cooling unit. The small cold storage is mainly air-cooled, and the compressor of the refrigeration unit is the heart of the cold storage. The common compressors are domestic, semi-closed and fully enclosed.

3. Evaporator purchase. There are two types of evaporators: the exhaust pipe and the air cooler. In actual use, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the user should consider the quality of the pipe and the fan, on the other hand, pay attention to the choice of strength and avoidance according to the use situation.

4, according to their own use and requirements, choose the appropriate volume and temperature range of the cold storage. Food cold storage freezer and cold storage

5, cold storage project construction, to select professional cold storage engineering and technical personnel, scientific and rational design, and construction.

6. The bottom plate of the cold storage should be piled up with a large amount of cargo. therefore. In particular, during the process of periodic freezing and melting cycles, various loading and unloading transport machinery and equipment must be used. The structure should be strong and have a large bearing capacity. In a low-temperature environment. The building structure is vulnerable to damage. Therefore, construction materials such as food cold storage and various parts of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.

7, understand the performance of the main materials, accessories, do a good job.