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Таҷҳизоти пешакӣ коркард

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Мошини обкашии GLS

Ин таҷҳизот аз пӯлоди зангногир SUS304 сохта шудааст, ба истиснои қисмҳои стандартӣ ба монанди муҳаррикҳо ва асбобҳои барқӣ

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Хусусиятҳои таҷҳизот
Vibration de-watering machine can effectively drop water over products, reduce the moisture content of products, and reduce the burden of equipment in the process of product processing in the subsequent process, so as to effectively improve quality, stabilize quality, improve efficiency, save labor, reduce energy consumption and reduce production costs.
Vibration de-watering machine is mainly composed of vibration bed, sieve plate, supporting system and vibration motor. Using the principle of vibration, water and motion,adopt high frequency vibration feeding by vibration motor, and the vibration structure is supported by 4 sets of rubber springs.
The equipment is made of stainless steel (SUS304), except vibration motor and electrical parts,the equipment is durable, stable and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

Истехсоли тачхизот


Used for dropping water on the surface of granular, flaky and strip products or food packaging bags.