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צייט: 2020-09-29

In September 2020, GUANFENG has done the installation and commissioning work of tremella freeze dryer equipment. The equipment is in normal operation in Fujian province, China.


1. Project location:Fujian province, China

2. Time of installation, commissioning and operation:סעפטעמבער קסנומקס

3. Project including:GFD-50 model freeze dryer equipment

4. Processing food:tremella and all kinds of mushroom

5. Key components are imported, stable performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption


ינסטאַללאַטיאָן פּלאַץ

图片 1

Drying tank

图片 2

ריפרידזשעריישאַן סיסטעם

图片 3

Vacuum system, heating system

图片 4

קאָנטראָל סיסטעם

Self-designed programming, remote control, manual and automatic can be switched

图片 5

图片 6

Final product of tremella

图片 7

图片 8

图片 9图片 10

In the end, thanks for client’s trust and support, welcome to inquire. GUANFENG will always supply best product and service for clients!